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Unified Analysis of Internal Flowfield in an Integrated Rocket Ramjet Engine. I:Transition from Rocket Booster to Ramjet Sustainer
Hong-Gye Sung, Vigor Yang
Journal of Aerospace Enginerring Vol.27 pp.390-397, 2012.
Fluidic Thrust-Vector Control of Supersonic Jet Using Coflow Injection
Jun-Young Heo, Hong-Gye Sung
JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER Vol. 28, No. 4, pp.858-861, 2012.
Control-Oriented Model for Intake Shock Position Dynamics in Ramjet Engine
Ik-Soo Park, Sun-Kyoung Kim, Hyo-Won Yeom, Hong-Gye Sung, Jung-Woo Park, Min-Jea Tahk
JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER , Vol.27(2), pp.499-503, 2011.
Large-eddy simulation and acoustic analysis of a turbulent flow field in a swirl-stabilized combustor
Jong-Chan Kim, Jong-Chan Yoo, Hong-Gye Sung
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology Vol.25 pp.2703-2710, 2011.
Investigation of Rocket Exhaust Diffusers for Altitude Simulation
Hong-Gye Sung, Hyo-Won Yeom, Sang-Kyu Yoon, Seong-Jin Kim, Jin-Gon Kim
Journal of Propulsion and Power Vol. 26 No. 2, pp, 240-247, 2010.
Flow dynamics at the minimum starting condition of a supersonic diffuser to simulate a rocket’s high altitude performance on the ground
Hyo-Won Yeom, Sangkyu Yoon, Hong-Gye Sung
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp.254-261, 2009.